How To Increase Ejaculate Volume

If you're like most men today, you're not just concerned with the size of your member.  You also have another problem down there, but perhaps you're shy about sharing it with others.  Maybe you don't like the dribble and want the shooting power of a porn star.  Maybe you feel dejected about having a low sperm count and can't procreate with your wife.  Whatever the reason is, you want to increase your ejaculate volume for a more satisfying experience.  This task, however, feels impossible.  How do you do it?

Increase Ejaculate VolumeIncrease Ejaculate with Dangerous Prescription Pills

The normal course of action is of course, visiting your local doctor.  As painful as it is to bring it up, you'll have to drudge yourself to the doctor, explain your situation, and wait for him to prescribe you a miracle pill. 

Here is the inherit danger with that.  The pill he prescribes you has many foreign chemicals, chemicals that your body doesn't recognize.  Worse, there are side effects.  Headache, diarrhea, increased urination, and other unwanted effects.  It's a hassle, but it does promise to increase your ejaculate volume.

Not always, however.  Maybe you won't see a difference in your ejaculate volume.  Maybe you will see a difference, but it isn't what you wanted.  Plus, the doctor may make you go on a special diet along with taking these pills.  That's not something you want.

So what’s next?

Increase Ejaculate with a Healthy Diet

Some herbalists say that everything is curable with a good, balanced diet.  Including the volume of your ejaculation.  Your next course of action might be to actually listen to them.

Truth is, some herbs do increase your ejaculate, but unfortunately herbalists fail to mention two things.

1. You need to eat a huge amount of herbs to increase volume down there.
2. These herbs aren't easy to find -- or cheap for that matter.

Herbs like Horny Goat Weed and Gingko Bilboa aren't readily available at your local grocery store.  Nor are they cheap.  Except to pay $20.00 or more for a small vial of it, and except to travel very far to find it.  These herbs are only available in herbal or all-natural stores.  Plus, you need to continuously take this in great amounts, so you're easily spending over $100.00 a week trying to increase your volume naturally.

Thirdly, it will not effectively increase your ejaculate without using a selection of herbs.  Herbs are like a puzzle -- one doesn't complete it.  So you're actually stuck paying easily over $300.00 a week just trying to increase your ejaculate naturally.

Clearly this is not the route you want to take.  So what’s next?  Is there any other way to increase your ejaculate volume safely?

Natural, Herbal Pills are the Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of this.  There's a new, herbal-formulated pill available today that is tested for all sorts of gains -- Volume Pills.

Approved by medical doctors and herbalists all around the world, we've never seen a pill quite like this.  It contains a unique, scientifically-researched blend of herbs and minerals.  This mixture works together to increase your ejaculate volume by 500%.  Better yet, it safely increases ejaculate volume with its potent mixture of herbs.  All of these ejaculate-boosting herbs are contained in only a tiny Volume Pills capsule.

We think this is the best solution for men.  No other pill is approved by doctors to naturally increase your volume.  We wouldn't back anything that didn't have medical approval, and Volume Pills is a viable solution.